Tuesday, June 12, 2018

New versions 6.+

  - Compatibility with 877/877A standard units SEAT Ateca/León
 - 'Extract POIs' into asc file - bugfix
 - important bugfix! - fixed calculation of coordinates for MIB2STD(Media) units  with negative LAT (AU, etc locations)
 - Dutch translation (thanx to MartinH.)
 - batch rebuild bugfix
 - 39x39 icons enabled by default
 - check for wrong install
 - improved export dialog
- various bugfixes!
- DB checksum calculation bugfix!
 - bugfixes + improvements
 - poi preview dialog map fix
 - new online 'EU Fix Speedcam' source by poinspect0r
 - adjusted DB checksum calculation
 - toggle alert on existing category (in category detail tab)
 - google map 'for development purposes only' fix
 - bugfix - show poi on map with new line in name
 - signalize category "warnabe" flag
 - small bugfixes
 - option for check duplicates during batch POI rebuild
 - option for tweaking category properties (only MIB2TSD)
 - display all pois on map within selected category (marker cluster by Google)
 - version check
 - Russian translation
 - online POI download - beta
 - possibility to set range area for finding duplicates
 - auto detect of GPX files for UTF8 encoding
 - internet proxy configuration
 - languages updated
 - fixed KML format import (now supports all kml variants)
 - small bugfixes/adjustments
 - languages: added Czech, corrections of Espanol
 - bugfixes
 - added Espanol language (thanks to Jose)
 - seems all car brand navi are supported now (VW & Seat & Skoda)
 - fixed MIB2DE (newer Discover Media) export
 - support for icon size 39x39 (only for Discover units) - enable it in preferences


Anonymous said...

Great now the default MIB Icon is supported

Jim said...

Working great on v6.7 SEAT MIB2 standard

Skoda superb said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
At last, the warning for the speed cameras works.
Conversion of gpx to MIB2 works perfectly.
2016 Skoda superb Columbus

Anonymous said...

Many thanks excellent programme. I have used it to work on speed camera and POI downloads on all the family cars over the last few days

RNS510 Skoda equivalent in 2015 Yeti
Discover Media in 2018 Golf SE Nav
Seat Nav Pro in 2018 Arona Tech Lux

All working fine thanks to POInspector - well worth the donation

Petr said...

Vynikající program a perfektní podpora. Díky !