Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Working MIB units

user::car brand & year::infotaitment type::success::warnable::# of pois
radas::Skoda Superb 2018::Columbus 9.2"::✔::✔::50k
frank::VW Touran 2018::Discover Media::✔::✔::?
jose::Seat Leon Mk3 2018::Navigation System (MIB2TSD)::✔::✔::10k
andre::VW Passat 2017::Discover Media::✔::?::80k
terry::Seat Ateca 2016::Navigation System Plus::✔::✔::40k
thijs::VW Arteon 2018::Discover Media::✔::?::31k
uwef::VW Passat 2017::Discover Pro::✔::✔::30k
martin::Skoda Octavia 2018::Amundsen::✔::?::?
Simonz82::VW GOLF GTD 2018::Discover Media::✔::✔::56K
Simonz82::VW GOLF GTI 2019::Discover Media::✔::?::56K
Simonz82::VW GOLF GTI TCR 2020::Discover PRO::✔::?::56K
Simonz82::VW Tiguan 2019::Discover Media::✔::?::56K
Simonz82::VW Tiguan 2018::Discover PRO::✔::✔::56K
Simonz82::VW Tiguan 2020::Discover Media::✔::?::56K
Simonz82::VW Tiguan 2020::Discover PRO::✔::?::56K
Simonz82::VW Passat 2018::Discover Media::✔::?::56K
Discover Media USA 8” (OEMKING)
Discover Pro USA 9.2” (OEMKING)

*msg me if you want to share yours...


Pascal said...

Unlike the 6.4, the version 6.7 is working well with my Discover Media 2018.
Thank you very much !

Unknown said...

Seat navisystem 2017 8". App and poi noise alarm both works like champ!

Nino said...

Hi, I try to use 6.9 for my Seat Navi High. If I try to export my poi (around 9000) to a empty usb stick I always get "The specified path was not found". There are files afterwards on the stick, but it seems that they are only a dummy structure. At least I cannot found the icon used for my category.

poinspect0r said...

seems you have wrong install, check you have 'discover' folder within application folder. Download full version and unpack all files/foders again

Anonymous said...

Hi. I have tried to Donate several times in order to unlock the program limits, but when confirming the donation, the page keeps reporting that the session has timed out, cancelling the payment, despite correctly completing the whole procedure in under one minute. Has anyone else come across this problem, or have a solution to allow Donation? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I live in north America and have a 2017 Tiguan Sport. Great app. I make all my custom no e-10 fuel stops for when I travel. works great with my Discover info system. I send file up as std.
I am currently using version 6j. If you have a VW get the license and enjoy. Beats paying for Car-Net that supposedly has some sort of POI generator that is no longer available from what I have read.

Anonymous said...

Некорректно работает удаление дубликатов. При выставлении расстояния 1м пропадают точки в области 100км

Aleksey said...

Working also on MAN Media Van Navigation and MAN Media Van Business Navigation

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